En Pointe

Your Destiny is Your Character

If you were to interview a successful en pointe ballerina and ask her what it took to become the dancer that she became she would most likely say the following things, “Success doesn’t happen without a commitment to the extent of sacrifice.” And “You must have a single vision of your future self, and nothing will stop you from doing everything it takes to make that a reality.” The bottom line is, they were chained to their passion (ballet), and their passion (ballet) was chained to them. It was and is a way of life.

The disciplines these dancers must employ to achieve this level are not unlike those that we as dedicated, focused, and maturing believers must employ. We should be chained to our passion (Jesus Christ) as we know that our passion (Jesus Christ) is chained to us.

Come join us as we travel through two beautiful passages of God’s Word that teach us how to be consistently committed to Christ and look once again at how deeply committed Christ is to us. He will never let us go. Someday we are going to stand in front of Him and we too will come to see that our destiny certainly was contingent on our Spirit-filled character.

Be encouraged as you strive to become an en pointe believer!

Saturday and Sunday ~ April 20 – 21, 2024

The Bay Club Hotel & Marina

Commodore Room
2131 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, California 92106

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$125 for Saturday only (includes dinner at the fire pits at the beach)

$160 for Saturday & Sunday (all meals, no accommodations)

$225 for the weekend (includes shared hotel room and all meals) SOLD OUT

$325 for the weekend (includes private room and all meals) SOLD OUT

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